1980-01-01 00.01.18.jpgsound love

there’s a sound
of wind in my nose,
sqwarpling squirrels
in my gut — internal

my head feels
like bricks & stones,
weighs more
than my body —
empty of everything
but pain in my head
could be a home:
a nest for birds
eating my brain
everyday; chirping
birds my alarm
I prefer to trucks
backing up, sirens,
screams of fuck!,
machines, doors
slamming, cars
honking, drilling,
trucks & busses
roaring down the
street, marriage-
screaming fight,
babies wailing,
dogs barking,
upstairs neighbor
pounding like
an elephant

my belly
ejects like a match
scraped & inflamed


2 Responses to “Poems”

  1. hope Says:

    i am looking to find all your poems from 2003. you had a book published then
    one of you poems went
    “when you leave in the morning me alone with your bird; i think of hurting it, killig it maybe in some bloodless sort of way.

    i can’t find my copy of that book.
    is there any way i could re-buy it.

    my second favorite poem was:
    one day the sky grows up and stops impressing us with blues and plots of light
    that is how we know to come insided. i know the shallows of the lake know it like the rats…
    please help me obtain another copy of this book.

  2. Marissa Says:

    i was with katie and sharon at your reading at pete’s candy shop and you were a joy to hear. this piece was particularly fantastic.

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